A Writer In Her Library – The Shape of the Whole

The Library at Chez NoonyOr, The Ladybug Bed and Breakfast Dining Room and Reading NookI spent much of December and all of New Year's Day organizing my library.  I put everything in order by topic, and then alphabetical by author.  As I did so, I started to realize something:  my library is a clue to myself.  As I am exploring new diary techniques and autobiographical writing, ...
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Sunday Box Talk – Questions and Answers

Morning Pages In the Garden With CoffeeImage © 2013, A. Catherine NoonI'm sure I'm not alone during this time of year in wondering what new beginnings are occurring and what things to leave behind in the old year.There are years that ask questions and years that answer.Zora Neale HurstonI think it's important to not be so quick to demand answers.  Finding the right questions is important...
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A Writer In Her Library – Taming the Chaos

I have been a reader for a long, long time.  I started collecting books in my early teens and, despite two deep - and I do mean, deep - purges, I still have a prodigious collection.  The hieroglyphics above is a screenshot of the index I use to keep track of all this bounty.  (You can click on it to enlarge the picture if you're that masochistic.)A couple thoughts about persona...
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A Writer In Her Library – Journaling with Deena Metzger

I’ve re-discovered one of the books in my personal library, Writing For Your Life: A Guide and Companion to the Inner Worlds, by Deena Metzger. I’ve been doing a lot more journaling in the last year and it re-ignited my interest in books about journaling and ways that have worked for other diarists.This particular book has an emphasis on specificity and poetry. She has us examine our observatio...
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Two for Tuesday

I was looking for a lolcat to adorn my post today, so I asked Google, "lolcats all of thems."  This is one of the ones that came up and since I guffawed out loud - sorry, "lol'd," I figured I'd better use it.Why?Because lolcats.ANYway.  I have not one but TWO posts for you today!The first is at the Chicago Region of National Novel Writing Month.  Just because you didn't "win" NaNo d...
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Two for Thursday!

Happy Thursday!  I know, I know my post title doesn't rhyme.  Par for my week.  The heat went out at our building last night, so my brain hasn't thawed yet.  I'm applying liberal servings of coffee.I have two posts for you today!  One is by me, ~waves~, because I'm over at Beyond the Veil today talking about - what else - NaNoWriMo!The second thing I have for you is a chan...
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