Tuesday Tips – How To Avoid Smudges When Coloring

As much as I like the color of water color pens, they are still wet when you're using them.  They don't dry quickly and this can lead to smudges - from ink that gets on your hands while you're coloring, or from ink that gets on whatever surface you're coloring on. Here's what I've learned works for me:  I use a clean sheet of paper when I'm coloring.  If I leave the pattern in the coloring ...
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Make Something Monday – Coloring

  Okay, ever since I started knitting, I've discovered that I'm hip.  Not because I'm, like, hip, or something; but because, apparently, what I'm into is the new black.  My theory is, it's all us X-Geners putting our collective spending power together and making stuff popular because we want to buy it.  Take coloring books, for instance.  I've adored coloring books for years.  My two f...
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L Is For… Lace!

Lace | Art | Fun Lace is to a knitter what oils are to a painter:  something toward which to aspire, elevated from craft to Craft, and darned fun to work with.  Tricky, too; did we mention that?  You can't just clean your oil paint brushes in water, and it takes 24 hours at least for a layer to dry so you have to have commitment to paint in oils.  Knitting lace is similar:  it looks complicated...
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K Is For… Knitting

Knitting is magical.  You take a continuous filament of fiber, two sticks, and make art.  How cool is that? Despite how it looks, knitting isn't all that old.  Crochet is a much more ancient art; the earliest known knitting artifacts are from Turkey about a thousand years ago.  If you're a fiber geek, here's a look at the first known knitting, along with an engrossing article about knitting...
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F Is For… Fancywork

Fancywork.  It means fancy needlework or crochet, even tatting, that is decorative.  It was popular during the Victorian era and brought us all sorts of neat things like tatted lace edgings and crochet doilies and such.  For anyone interested in textile arts, fancywork comes up in the lineage of our art even if what we do now is ultra-modern. Interweave Press, the popular publisher of many ...
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E Is For… Embroidery

Embroidery.  It was the first textile art I ever learned.  Crewel embroidery is an art with a long history.  The Bayeux Tapestry, in fact, is not a Tapestry, nor woven:  it was, in fact, embroidered.  The Victoria and Albert Museum in England has a fantastic page on the history of English embroidery, here.  Embroidery has a wide history, not just in Europe, with some of the oldest references d...
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Saturday Showcase: Elizabeth Brooks Answers the Question

Elizabeth Brooks is amazing.  She's talented.  She's a writer and an editor and a darn fine human being.  And when I asked her, do you craft, she laughed.Laughed.Here then, is Elizabeth Brooks and "Sampler Platter."  Enjoy!Sampler PlatterSo Noony put out a call, asking for blog posts about all kinds of things, including crafts.Do I craft?Oh, do I! I'm not actually that good at ...
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Saturday Showcase – Upcoming Releases!

I'm so excited.  I've been emailing around the interwebs and am tickled pink, purple, and yellow to report that I have TWO surprises for you coming in October!October 19th, author Tina Holland will be coming to KK to talk about her craft of scrapbooking.  Tina is a trip - she lives on a self-proclaimed "hobby farm" in Minnesota, writes sexy romances with the tagline, "Have You Been Naugh...
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Saturday Showcase – In the Garden with J. M. Cartwright

After I did the call for authors who craft, J. M. Cartwright contact me and mentioned she loves to garden. Given all the work that goes into creating a garden, I absolutely consider it a craft as much as knitting or woodworking are. I asked J. M. some interview questions and here are her thoughts on life, the universe, and dirt:K.K. Tell me a little more about what crafts you do. What do you li...
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Saturday Showcase – Sitting with Selena Robins

Selena Robins is a kindred spirit. We met through shared writing acquaintances and have become fast friends through Facebook and similar passions - writing, food, craft, and family. I'm excited to bring you an interview with Selena in which she discusses her pursuit of culinary perfection. Please held me welcome Selena to Knoontime Knitting!KK: Tell me a little more about your passion for your c...
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