Write! Promptly! Writing Prompt! Free Workshop, Having Fun with Writing Prompts

Have you always wanted to write?  Are you already a writer, but stalled in getting words on the page?  Are you a working author who needs some exercises to keep limber?  Just looking for a good time?  ~leer~ Well, you've come to the write place.  Join me at Coffee Time Romance, the award-winning forum for readers and authors.  For the next two weeks, June 12th through June 25th, I'll be you...
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When “What He Said” Isn’t Enough – Free Workshop Coming February 2016 on Coffee Time Romance

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Free Workshop,Writing M/M Romance - When "What He Said" Isn't Enough Writing M/M romance, or "male/male" romance, came about in the late 1960's (probably much earlier, but that's when folks admit to it), written largely by and for women. It has its roots in the fan communities and stories were mimeographed, (anybody remember those?), to be passed around at conventions or mailed, (yes, snail mai...
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Manic Monday – Startcher Engines!

It's Monday!  I feel like I should say something uber-motivating, that makes us all jump out of our chairs and make something massively awesome.Feel motivated yet?  :)We're almost ready to go live on the new site.  I'm so excited.  It'll have a home for my blog (i.e. this one) and my Knoontime Knitting blog, as well as a section for books and promo stuff and bio and everyt...
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