Sunday Box Talk – The Purpose of Education

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What’s the purpose of education? Nowadays, increasingly, it’s to get a job. It’s more about technical training than it is about educating the mind. And yet, with the proliferation of smartphones, always-on internet connectivity, and ever expanding inflow of information sources, we need the benefits that a good education bring more than ever before. In classical terms, to be educated meant t...
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Sunday Box Talk – Getting Back To Basics

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Getting back to basics – what are the three boxes of life? It’s an idea from Richard Nelson Bolles, author of What Color Is Your Parachute. He points out that the three big boxes most of us deal with are education, work, and retirement. Bolles proposes something that’s nothing short of revolutionary – why keep the boxes in the traditional order of school when we’re young, then work for most of...
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Sunday Box Talk – The Toolbox

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"Success doesn't come to you, you go to it." – Marva Collins It’s easy to lament the things we don’t have yet. The media bombards us with images of more successful, more slender, more athletic, more successful people every day. New media come online every day, methods of distracting us from ourselves: even the dollar store as the “dollar store radio network” to talk to you while you hunt f...
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Y Is For… Yarn! – Of course!

2015-04-29 Pic 1
  I love yarn, (which is probably obvious, since I wrote about the joys of a yarn stash on my main blog today, too).  But I do love the stuff - I adore digging my hands into it, squeezing it, feeling it reflect the heat of my hands back to me.  I relax when I feel yarn - it's a very tactile sense of calm.  Sometimes, when I'm working on a new design project and don't yet see the patter...
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I've been very busy this week, as you know, between the conference, my new job, and Rachel's visit. While I wish I could have had the opportunity to take this week off as vacation, I'm grateful to have a job I enjoy and am good at.  As I learn the ropes, I've been thinking a lot about listening.Speed is all well and good, as is efficiency. But the late Stephen Covey said you manage things, yo...
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Tue Cent Twosday – In Defense of the Pen

Diarists know what many of us have forgotten – people have been chronicling their own stories in diaries and journals for more than a thousand years. In order to better know themselves, or to express their own truth in the face of a public reality, or just for the fun of it, people have been writing for longer than some civilizations have been around.All that changed in the last 30 years with the...
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Tue Cent Twosday – The Pen vs. the Keyboard

In my writing group, I often hear complaints when I suggest we try a written exercise as opposed to one with a laptop or other computer device. I have said it before and I’ll likely say it again: writing by hand is important and valuable to anyone working with their own creativity, be they writers or other artists. In fact, I would argue that writing by hand is useful for everyone, and not just...
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