Sunday Box Talk – How To Unblock. With Rats.

Ordinarily, I talk about my garden on my craft blog, Knoontime Knitting. But I learned something this summer and it clarified itself yesterday. The boxes of our lives are created as we live them, and if we don’t question them – think out of the box, if you will – then we get stuck in them. We know that. Sometimes we get stuck in them without even knowing it. We get blocked. Then what? I...
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G Is For… Gardening

Gardening. I love to garden.  I adore the smell of loam, the feel of the plants in their new home, and to play with flowers.  I love getting the fruits of my labor: coming outside to pick peppers and tomatoes with chives and basil for dinner. Gardening is one of those humbling tasks, because it doesn't take a bunch of smarts.  It doesn't even really take books (though I think I have ever...
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Saturday Showcase – In the Garden with J. M. Cartwright

After I did the call for authors who craft, J. M. Cartwright contact me and mentioned she loves to garden. Given all the work that goes into creating a garden, I absolutely consider it a craft as much as knitting or woodworking are. I asked J. M. some interview questions and here are her thoughts on life, the universe, and dirt:K.K. Tell me a little more about what crafts you do. What do you li...
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