Sunday Box Talk – How To Unblock. With Rats.

Ordinarily, I talk about my garden on my craft blog, Knoontime Knitting. But I learned something this summer and it clarified itself yesterday. The boxes of our lives are created as we live them, and if we don’t question them – think out of the box, if you will – then we get stuck in them. We know that. Sometimes we get stuck in them without even knowing it. We get blocked. Then what? I...
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Hair Tea – Emerald Fire and Herbs

In writing, we get to use what we know.  This used to intimidate me (what if I don't know anything??) until I realized that's my inner critic talking.  I do too know stuff.So.  What do I know?The airspeed veloc...  Nevermind.  Hair tea!  I know how to make hair tea.  Not tea you drink, though I do know how to make that too, but tea you put on the hair to make it ...
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Thursday 13: Thirteen Herbalism Terms Defined

In the study of herbalism, I come across a number of terms that are both interesting and mystifying, since they're not things we use in everyday conversation. I thought I'd share 13 with you - out of a list of quite a bit more than that! o.O... Never knew whatcha didn't know, huh? Me neither.So. Here we go:1. Abortifacient: A drug or other agent that induces the expulsion of a fetus.2. Alt...
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