Make Something Monday – and I Cleaned Out a Bin!

Yesterday, I got a wild hair to rummage in my craft storage bins for some yarn that I bought waaaay back when I first started to knit.  I put it away, thinking I'd make a sleeveless sweater or something for the holidays. Only, I'd bought four skeins, which isn't enough for a sweater. And so it's languished in the bin for ~cof~ years ~cof~.  I also got some very difficult, fussy eyelash y...
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Work In Progress Wednesday

  I looked at the ratty holder I've been using for my transit card the other day and got embarrassed.  It's falling apart!  The leather's all rubbed off on the corners and it was built to hold a cell phone that I haven't had for two phones now. I'm a knitter. This should be a solvable problem, yes? Ergo, I'm making a small knit pouch wallet for my transit card.  I decided to t...
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Saturday Stashbusting

I'm working on busting my ginormous stash.  In order to do that, I need to work on the projects I started. The Stash List Block the Jewel Scarf My hat The red cable bag Line the Uglii Bag Bind off the Uglii Afghan; decide if I’m adding to it Buttons to the red blouse This was originally a list of 5 things, but I realized I need to block the Jewel Scarf too, and that's somethi...
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Tuesday Tips – Sheet Protectors

2016-01-05 KK Pic 1
I know those really neat fabric roll-ups are a cool way to store needles and hooks.  But until I can afford one, or make one for myself, what I've been doing is using sheet protectors and a large binder.  I organized the needles by size, and put the crochet hooks in the back one (which you could reverse, if your primary craft is crochet). I keep my circulars in a zipper pouch organized by n...
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Make Something Monday – The Jewel Scarf

The Jewel Scarf is done.  It's nice and soft.   I'm not sure what I'm going to work on next; maybe a top-down sweater.  For now, here are some more views: I like long scarves, but I think this will fit well on the person for whom I designed it. It actually drapes well, which is nice.  I haven't blocked it yet; this is just off the needles.  But I like the flow of the fabric even wi...
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Stash Sunday

Now that I've finished the Jewel Scarf, I'm at a loss for what to make next.  I want to do a top-down sweater, but I don't feel up to something new and complicated.  I have a bunch of yarn left over from the Bryce Canyon Shawl, and I don't like the hat I made with the leftovers.  I decided to take another shot and make another hat. Top-down hats are easier than they seem.  The nice thing ab...
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Saturday Stashbusting

It's 2016.  A new year, right?  I saw something on Facebook the other day that made me laugh.  It was a meme about new years, where we focus on what we didn't accomplish in 2015, and wanted to do in 2014, etc.  I do want to work on my stash busting, but I know better than to say "I will bust all my stash this year."  I did that once. Once. So this year, I'll focus on playing.  The shot, ...
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Stash Sunday – Becoming

It's coming together.  Slowly. 2015 has been a difficult year as regards output.  Most of the work has been internal; journaling and the like.  When Rachel was in town in October, we bought this yarn and I started farting around with some lace patterns, and realized I needed to drawn it out in a chart because the swatch was decidedly not cooperating.  As in, sticking out its tongue at me an...
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Tuesday Tips: Keeping Notes

I just realized something as I was looking at my design notes for the lace wrap I'm making.  My notes go back to about 2010.  That's like five years, sports fans!  Cool!  So, I figured I'd share some reasons why I think Keeping Notes is the Thing To Do: Keep track of your current project. This way, if you have to set it aside and you forget about it for a month or ~cof~ year, you'll rememb...
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Make Something Monday – Afghan for the Uglii Chair

I love to knit. This isn't really a surprise, for those of you who have been following me for a while.  Knitting is something I do for meditation, creative expression, and because it keeps my hands busy so I can think. But I get into jams where nothing on my needles inspires me.  I feel a sense of boredom or overwhelmed-ness when I look at all my WIPs (works in progress), and wonder what I co...
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