Hate Outlines? Timeline!

2017-02-12 ACN Pic 1timeline
Keeping the plot of a novel-length manuscript can be a challenge for the most organized of writers. If you, like me, aren’t naturally left-brained sequential, then it can be more of a headache because your mind doesn’t organize information in a stepwise fashion. Have you ever looked at your story and realize that everything is happening in one day? or two different things are going on in the same ...
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A New Year’s Party – and a Giveaway!

2017-01 Party Image
The party over at The Romance Studio is in full swing!  Throughout the weekend, I will be blogging on different topics - five posts a day! - as will the other participating authors.  We have prizes from each of us, and the grand prize is a $100 USD gift certificate to the online retailer Amazon.  If you like to read, then this is the party for you! Friday the 13th! Happy New Year! and ...
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How My Family Survives My Writing – #MFRWauthor

2017-01-13 Pic 1
I laughed when I first read this prompt.  I mean, my family isn't particularly negative about my writing.  My husband is a professional photographer, so he knows what is involved in creating things.  My kid is interested in his own stuff, so he's not particularly aware of what I'm doing because he's absorbed in his own stuff. But then I got to thinking.  There was a weekend where I wrote fo...
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Sunday Box Talk – New Year, New… What?

The year that just ended may well come to be referred to as the Year That Shall Not Be Named.  Aside from personal drama, (a close friend in the hospital since March and counting, my co-author's sister's lung function is 37%), there was publishing drama.  First, Samhain Publishing announced they were closing, then chose not to and tried to gaslight the writing community by asking in a hurt ton...
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A Few of My Favorite Things – #MFRWauthor

My friends at Marketing For Romance Writers came up with a challenge this year.  As writers, we struggle to keep content engaging and fresh for you, Dear Reader, and so the Weekly Blogging Challenge was born.  Each week, we’re given a topic as a prompt.  We work with a partner, and together egg each other on to post.  The objective is to blog once a week for the entire year – so look forward to so...
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Happy Thanksgiving! A Blog Festival and Giveaway

Now, more than ever, we need to remember all that we have for which to be grateful.  Our abundance will give us the strength to understand what we have the power to change, but also all that we already have.  True wealth is internal.  Freedom can be compromised, but liberty is internal.  Love is a verb.  And know this:  never be ashamed for reading what you enjoy, for relaxing and recharging y...
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Write! Promptly! Writing Prompt! Free Workshop, Having Fun with Writing Prompts

Have you always wanted to write?  Are you already a writer, but stalled in getting words on the page?  Are you a working author who needs some exercises to keep limber?  Just looking for a good time?  ~leer~ Well, you've come to the write place.  Join me at Coffee Time Romance, the award-winning forum for readers and authors.  For the next two weeks, June 12th through June 25th, I'll be you...
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