Walking In This World – Literally

My "Walking in the World" feature is meant to be metaphorical, in terms of a "flora and fauna" report, as author Julia Cameron terms it, and not literally as a report about walking. Not today, Dear Reader.  Not today. In the late 80's, I injured my knee catastrophically while downhill skiing.  I was a racer, but on that sunny Saturday, I sat down to wait for a friend to join me on the ma...
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Tue Cent Twosday – New Age Foo Foo

2016-05-17 ACN Pic 1
I admit it. I read all sorts of stuff. Good stuff. Bad stuff. Stuff that defies description, but after you read it and someone asks you what you read, you’re all, “Um, stuff.” When I was about fifteen, I got very curious in the nature of the soul and the existence of God. I blame this, appropriately enough, on my parents. (Isn’t everything their fault?) More specifically, it’s my dad. See, ...
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Gone Visiting – Monday Road Trip, Jingle, Jangle, Jungle

2016-05-16 Pic 1
In 2014, when I participated in the A to Z Blog Challenge, they had a neat feature for the post-challenge period called the A to Z Road Trip.  Visiting other blogs in the list and commenting allowed the participant to hit blogs they didn't get to during the challenge itself.  While I'm not sure if they'll have this for the 2016 challenge, I figured what the hay, I'll do it on my own. My visit...
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Make Something Monday – and I Cleaned Out a Bin!

Yesterday, I got a wild hair to rummage in my craft storage bins for some yarn that I bought waaaay back when I first started to knit.  I put it away, thinking I'd make a sleeveless sweater or something for the holidays. Only, I'd bought four skeins, which isn't enough for a sweater. And so it's languished in the bin for ~cof~ years ~cof~.  I also got some very difficult, fussy eyelash y...
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Sunday Box Talk – On Artistic Blocks, Fear, and Forward Movement

As many of know, I'm an author.  Last July, my coauthor Rachel Wilder and I decided to go independent with our Chicagoland Shifters series.  That's when the trouble started.  It was as though I was a creative car engine, and I ran out of oil.  I had plenty of gas, but no lubricant and the engine locked up.  Boom.  Nothing. Artistic blocks are frustrating because there's nothing visibly wron...
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The A To Z of the Zoo – A Retrospective

2016-05-09 A-to-Z Reflection [2016]
As is the custom after the A to Z Blogging Challenge, participants prepare reflections posts that discuss what they learned from the challenge, what worked, and what didn't. Plus, I have zebras. First, the Lonely Zebra That Wasn't The last week or so of April, I cause the nasty cold virus that's going around and it horse-kicked me into the barn.  I don't often get sick, but when I do...  ...
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2016-04-30 The First Letter Z
And so, Dear Reader, the A to Z Challenge has come to an end.  Thank you for coming along on this journey with me.  I hope you've enjoyed wandering the streets of my daily round, looking for letterforms in nature and the built environment.  I have to say, it's changed how I see the world around me and even given me an idea for a book.  But in the meantime, I've got not one but two images for you t...
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Zebras Aren’t For Riding

2016-04-30 Pic 1
Garçon!  Where is mah ordehr!? The peacocks roam free at the Brookfield Zoo, and it's a lot of fun to run across them as they wander up and down the footpaths.  And then we came upon this brazen fellow. Is it any surprise at all that I wanted to go up and pet him? I know, Dear Reader; I know.  But sadly, on this, the last day of the challenge, I could not find ANY pictures of zebras!  Not...
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The Fork In the Tree and the Path Less Traveled By

I think, by this point in my walk, the couple about twenty feet behind me were convinced I was bonkers.  I kept stopping, after all, to stare into the hedgerows or up at trees.  I even back-tracked to get the correct angle to snap this lovely letter "Y" for you. And in case the title sounds vaguely familiar but isn't quite coming to mind, it's from this snippet: The Road Not Taken by Robe...
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Yes, It’s Snow Leopards!

2016-04-29 Pic 1
And so, Dear Reader, I reprise my topic of a few days ago, the majestic snow leopard.  Now, don't be like that; I did actually find a "Y" animal at the zoo, the Yellow Spotted Toad; but, all due respect to my husband, I am not a herper and toads do not excite me. Besides.  The toad just sat there.  And nobody ever got eaten by a toad, so there. Moving right along... These pictures are...
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