Work In Progress Wednesday

Attempt the FirstIt's Wednesday.  I figured I'd share what I've been crafting around with. My first item to share is the Emerald Keep Scarf, which will be a giveaway in the forthcoming Keepsake Tour starting March 8th, to celebrate the release of Book 2 in the Persis Chronicles, Emerald Keep.It didn't work.I mean, yeah, it's fabric, and it's knitted.  But that's about it. For one thing, ...
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Make Something Monday – Bryce Canyon Hat I

Bryce Canyon Hat, all done!I finished the hat late Sunday night.  I used a sewing needle bind off so that the edge is nice and loose.  It's very warm; reflects heat back against my head.Top ViewI love the way the top came out with swirls.  One thought I had is to continue the swirls down the body of the hat using decreases after each yarn over.Bryce Canyon Hat, Almost ThereHere's a ...
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Stash Sunday: Introducing Aubergine

She has a name now!I'm so excited - I settled on a name, and I'm nearly done with the scarf!  This picture is a little too heavily slanted toward blue, but you get the idea.  I've decided the name is Aubergine.  I should be done in another day or two.This is a fun project because the stitch is much simpler than it looks.  It's just a four row repeat, and two of those rows is to...
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Work-In-Progress Wednesday

The BeginningI received my first commission as Knoontime Knitting!  I am making a scarf for a friend in two colors of purple, Royal Purple and Lavender.  Here is the beginning as it sits on my design pad after the starting swatch.The Middle Here it is after a bit of knitting.  It knits up quickly.  I am using 30 sts cast on for width.Still the MiddleThis is how far I got b...
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Make Something Monday

What's In YOUR Wallet? or Bag?Happy Monday, Dear Reader!  I've gotten some of my design mojo back and have been playing with some different knitting designs.  This morning, as I waited for the bus, I checked the Bus Tracker tool.  It said the next bus wouldn't be there for 27 minutes.  Aside from making me late for work, that meant I had time to get some knitting done.Then, mid...
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A Journey Into 3-D Notebook – Hats!

So I've been playing with knitting from the top down.  I started a sweater and have been wrestling with it (which I'll share later), but for now I want to share my newest creation:  a hat!My first hat was almost a decade ago.  A friend asked me to make a hat for her friend.  I did so.  It was large enough to fit her, her friend, AND me - and not just our heads.  It wa...
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A Journey Into 3D Notebook – What I’m Working On

November is coming, and with it, NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month.  During the month of November, NaNo-ers write 50,000 words on a draft of a novel - some more, some less, and the madness that ensues is infectious.I wish we had a NaKnitMo, National Knitting Month.  Wouldn't that be awesome?I was lamenting recently to Rachel Wilder, my partner in writing crime, that my stash is ...
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Journey into 3-D: Notebook – The Jewel Scarf

I learned a valuable lesson when working in 3-D:  never take the knitting needle out of live stitches by accident, especially when working a lace pattern.I bought some lovely yarn on one of my trips and, since we just moved, I can't find the ball band to tell you about it.  But suffice it to say that it worked up into a lovely narrow scarf for use with a work outfit or something.  J...
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Humpday Update – Bryce Canyon Shawl and Prayer Shawl

I finished the Bryce Canyon Shawl today. The last step was to add a 6 row garter stitch border to match the edges of the shawl and the bottom of the triangle. Then I used a knit one, purl one bind-off to make sure it would be elastic enough. The edge took a while to finish but I’m pleased with the results. I’ll share the bind-off here since I’ve used it a couple other times and really like it....
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The Design Notebook

I showed the Bryce Canyon Shawl to some folks recently and again heard the comments "Wow, that is a lot of work!" and "I'm not patient enough for that." I find these comments interesting because they are so misguided. I am not, by nature, a patient person. I don't sit down to knit and think, "Oh, yay, now I have time to focus on my knitting and only my knitting." I come to knitting from a very...
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