Happy Thanksgiving! A Blog Festival and Giveaway

Now, more than ever, we need to remember all that we have for which to be grateful.  Our abundance will give us the strength to understand what we have the power to change, but also all that we already have.  True wealth is internal.  Freedom can be compromised, but liberty is internal.  Love is a verb.  And know this:  never be ashamed for reading what you enjoy, for relaxing and recharging y...
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Jump Out At You

The Letter J
I've noticed, in doing this project, that I've started seeing letterforms everywhere - the wheel wells of cars, branches of trees, even the intersections of power lines. This one reminds me of a day I spent at the park near my house during the summer.  I reclined against a tree to meditate with my eyes closed, (you know, it's called napping), and something made me open them.  A racoon stood...
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The Bird That Wasn’t: Jambu Fruit Dove – and a Party #giveaway

The Jambu Fruit Dove, admittedly, is a lovely fellow.  He looks like a flower - one of those star lilies with the overpoweringly lovely fragrance. He is, however, shy. The more literal-minded among you will note this is not, in fact, a Jambu Fruit Dove.  I thought is was, as I stalked the wooly mammoth of a bird through the edges of his habitat. I did, successfully, identify the a...
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Luck O’ The Irish! Enter To Win $100 Gift Card and Other Prizes. Plus, Blog Posts from Noony!

2016-03-12 Party Pic
It's that time o' the year, me dears!  The St. Patrick's Day Party at The Romance Studio!  You can enter to win a $100 USD gift card from the online retailer Amazon, books from Noon & Wilder and other fabulous authors, and read excerpts, recipes, stories and more!  Won't you join us? Here's the links to my posts, so it's easy to find.  Won't you stop by and comment?  You'll be glad you ...
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Join Me Over At The Romance Studio For Some Oscars Fun and Prizes!

2016-02-28 TRS Party Logo
Join me today over at The Romance Studio for some great prizes, discussion about the Oscars, and to select your favorite authors of 2015! First, there is our Movie Vote where you can pick who think you will win the big movie awards. One winner will be selected at random from among those who get all six categories correct to receive a $50 Amazon eGift Card. Then, there is our Best Of 2015...
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TRS Christmas Party with $100 USD Amazon Giveaway and Other Prizes!

2015-12 TRS Christmas Party
The TRS Christmas Party is in full swing.  Stop by for the grand prize of a $100 USD Amazon gift card, and enter to win a slew of prizes from participating authors - including yours truly! For the party, I'll be posting five posts each day that highlight our bestselling M/M Romance books: TRS Christmas Party Chicagoland Shifters: Day One - 12/17 - Burning Bright Date Ideas Bird Bra...
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