Wandering Around the Web – Two for Thursday

  Join me at the Torquere Press LiveJournal for a Field Trip to the Field Museum! It's one of my favorite museums, and it's open free during February to Illinois residents!  Some writer buds and I went last weekend and I have the pictures to prove it! :)  Join me! Join me on LinkedIn for a discussion about Triberr and some ways to use it. Triberr is an effective tool to boost your...
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X Is For… X Marks the Spot, or, Maps!

Map Drawn by A. Catherine Noon and Rachel Wilder.
Copyright 2012; All Rights Reserved.
Maps are a helpful way to orient oneself in a physical place.  We use them in all sorts of ways:  when driving from one place to another, when finding a new-to-us store or restaurant, even wandering around a mall or airport.  Now, maps are electronic - GPS, or Global Positioning Systems, are as ubiquitous as cell phones.  But how many of us have been steered wrong by their GPS and ended up in ...
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Day Seven of the Keepsake Tour

Happy Almost-Spring!  It's warming up, finally, and I actually got to walk home from work yesterday!  Very exciting.  Almost all the snow is melted, leaving what hardened rime of muck there is to hulk like a menace in the shadows.  (Hmm.  Must be feeling poetic, lol.)  We're going to the zoo today. But first, I wanted to show you the lovely scarf that Rachel is making for the Keepsake Tour!...
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