Tue Cent Twosday – The Toolbox

"Success doesn't come to you, you go to it." – Marva Collins It’s easy to lament the things we don’t have yet. The media bombards us with images of more successful, more slender, more athletic, more successful people every day. New media come online every day, methods of distracting us from ourselves: even the dollar store as the “dollar store radio network” to talk to you while you hunt...
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Tue Cent Twosday: Bird, a Poem

Image from Wikimedia Commons, Creative Commons free license.Bird.I see you, bird. Black feathers. Shiny.Beak. Black beak like jet, hard and grooved along the length.It’s longer than I expected. Long and sharp.“Once there was food here.” Tatiana Tolstaya.The forest. Mass graves, running for miles, between trees.I like trees. I don’t feel death when I’m in the trees.Death is probably there, I...
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A To Z Challenge: Reflections and Tue Cent Twosday

It's May. How did April go by so fast? And yet, it didn't: it went by fully.  It wasn't so much the velocity as the content. Here's what I mean; my ten things list of what I learned from the April 2014 A to Z Blogging Challenge:Challenges stretch you. They push you to do better.I adore participating with others. As much as writing is a solitary activity, I'm a group-oriented thinker and this ...
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Tue Cent Twosday: The Three Answers

In publishing, (I suppose I should clarify that to be in traditional publishing and not self-publishing), there are three answers one can receive when one submits one's book for publication:  Yes, No, and Maybe.  Here's my thoughts on each of them, based on questions folks have asked me over the years.1.  "Yes." Ask yourself if you really want to work with this house, though you pro...
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Tue Cent Twosday

I have two posts for your pleasure today!  First up, have you ever just talked about the weather?  Really?  Me too!  Small world.  Come on over and join me - they'll be pictures!  moreMy heroes, the Nine Naughty Novelists of legend and bestseller lists everywhere, opened their blog to guests posts again and I jumped at the chance.  These authors are talented, fun...
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Tue Cent Twosday – Empowerment

I remember where I sat at 9:00 in the morning on that fateful Tuesday, Central Daylight Time. Work began as usual, with a whirlwind of tasks. The entire Executive Committee headed for Europe; in fact, half already waited “on the ground” (the term for having arrived at their destination) and the other half staged to leave for the airstrip in an hour and a half.The news already came of the first t...
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Tue Cent Twosday – In Defense of Learning to Type

If you’ve been reading my recent series on writing by hand and the pen vs. the keyboard, you may get the impression that I’m against typing or using a computer to write. Nothing could be further from the truth. I’ve been employed since the age of seventeen in some form of office work, all of which involve typing – with the possible exception of the job I had as a gardener, though I did do some f...
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Tue Cent Twosday – In Defense of the Pen

Diarists know what many of us have forgotten – people have been chronicling their own stories in diaries and journals for more than a thousand years. In order to better know themselves, or to express their own truth in the face of a public reality, or just for the fun of it, people have been writing for longer than some civilizations have been around.All that changed in the last 30 years with the...
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Tue Cent Twosday – A Guest Post by Moira Keith

I was asked to share my tue cents and I'm not sure that my darling host realized what she was opening her blog up to. Then I had to come up with something brilliant to share tue cents about. Did I have enough of an opinion to offer up on any one given subject? Of course! I've got many passions and it was difficult to decide which would be selected and put on a pedestal today. I managed though, aft...
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Tue Cent Twosday – A Guest Post with Kimberley Troutte

Speeding Down the Road to Digital Publicationa Guest Post by Kimberley TroutteThank you for having me here today. Noony asked me to talk about how much digital publishing has changed the publishing industry for romance writers. Boy, where to begin?One great place to start is at the top with RWA (the Romance Writers of America). Every summer RWA has a big conference to discuss the industry, network...
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