W Is For… Weaving!

2015-04-27 Pic 1
Weaving is one of the oldest textile arts in the world. The most complicated looms, like the huge one featured in the movie Wanted, are the same in principle to the simple back looms used in the mountains of Peru for centuries.  The idea is you use something to put the warp under tension.  Shown above is my simple Cricket Loom, with the warp threaded and some of the weft worked. The thing I...
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I Is For… Inkle Weaving

Ever wonder where things like reins for bridles, belts, pet collars, and trim come from?  If they're not leather, they're most likely woven (though there are many other ways, for example, spool knitting, but I digress).  The type of loom used can vary, but here's what I find interesting. My weaving instructor, Natalie Boyett of the Chicago Weaving School, (and if you're here in the city, or vis...
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A to Z Challenge, Day 17: Q Is For Quesquemitl

In my weaving class, I am making a quesquemitl, a type of poncho that is made from a continuous piece of fabric - and, thus, a popular choice for handweavers.  The photo above is from Wikipedia, of a garment on view at the Museo Popular in Mexico: "Large shawl called a quechquemitl by Margarita Roberta Lucas Garcia from Tenango de Doria, Hidalgo as part of a temporary exhibit of crafts from ...
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Weaver’s Journal – The Fringe of Weaving

I'm working on the fringe for the Belii Shawl and wanted to do a laticework effect with the beads.  Since the image I'm using is from a book to which I don't have the rights, (I almost typed, "writes,") I drew it for you here by hand:The top picture is straight fringe; the bottom one is the lattice effect that I wanted to try to achieve.  I used a fringe winder to ply the fringe together...
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Sunday Weaver’s Journal: The Belii Shawl

My beloved street-rescue cat Belii died last year after a prolonged battle with kidney failure.  I decided to weave something in his memory, inspired by him and his place in my life.  It feels a little silly to admit that out loud, that my artistic inspiration is my cat, (Am I becoming a Cat Lady?), but we shared a household for 16 years.  If you have pets, you'll understand.  ...
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Friday Weaver’s Journal – The End Is Nigh!

I'm at the end!  I'm at the end!  I can't turn the weaving any more than it is.  I'm so excited!This is prior to the end, where you can see the dowel rod.  It's supposed to be straight.  o.O...  It doesn't appear to have affected the weaving negatively, thank the gods.This is a shot from farther away, after I've moved the dowel off the back beam and then moved farther...
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Remains of the Day

Do you have a day set aside each week for creative endeavors?  Why not start one?  What might you do?Take a class in a new-to-you craftJoin a group on Meetup or at a local community centerGather with friends for potluck and craft shareIf your mind goes blank, try taking a blank journal page and number down the left from 1 to 5.  List five things you'd like to try but don't have the ...
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Happy Stashbusting New Year!

Welcome to 2013!  365 days to knit, crochet, weave, or play with your favorite craft; 52 weeks of inspired ideas; 12 months of possibility; 4 seasons filled with opportunities for enjoyment; it's a brand new year, kids, and we ain't gettin' any younger!  So LET'S GET BIZZY!My theme for this year is Completion.  Here's my plan of attack:Define the parameters (i.e. what is my stash, e...
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It’s All About the Fabric

I am weaving on a Schact table loom that's been converted to a floor loom.  It is an eight-harness loom, but I'm only using four of the harnesses.  Unlike my previous project, which I wove on a four harness table loom, this loom uses floor pedals to control the raising and lowering of the heddles.  If you remember, the heddles are what control which warp threads are up or down for e...
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