Write! Promptly! Writing Prompt! Free Workshop, Having Fun with Writing Prompts

Have you always wanted to write?  Are you already a writer, but stalled in getting words on the page?  Are you a working author who needs some exercises to keep limber?  Just looking for a good time?  ~leer~ Well, you've come to the write place.  Join me at Coffee Time Romance, the award-winning forum for readers and authors.  For the next two weeks, June 12th through June 25th, I'll be you...
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Manic Monday – Startcher Engines!

It's Monday!  I feel like I should say something uber-motivating, that makes us all jump out of our chairs and make something massively awesome.Feel motivated yet?  :)We're almost ready to go live on the new site.  I'm so excited.  It'll have a home for my blog (i.e. this one) and my Knoontime Knitting blog, as well as a section for books and promo stuff and bio and everyt...
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