Hate Outlines? Timeline!

2017-02-12 ACN Pic 1timeline
Keeping the plot of a novel-length manuscript can be a challenge for the most organized of writers. If you, like me, aren’t naturally left-brained sequential, then it can be more of a headache because your mind doesn’t organize information in a stepwise fashion. Have you ever looked at your story and realize that everything is happening in one day? or two different things are going on in the same ...
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A New Year’s Party – and a Giveaway!

2017-01 Party Image
The party over at The Romance Studio is in full swing!  Throughout the weekend, I will be blogging on different topics - five posts a day! - as will the other participating authors.  We have prizes from each of us, and the grand prize is a $100 USD gift certificate to the online retailer Amazon.  If you like to read, then this is the party for you! Friday the 13th! Happy New Year! and ...
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Write! Promptly! Writing Prompt! Free Workshop, Having Fun with Writing Prompts

Have you always wanted to write?  Are you already a writer, but stalled in getting words on the page?  Are you a working author who needs some exercises to keep limber?  Just looking for a good time?  ~leer~ Well, you've come to the write place.  Join me at Coffee Time Romance, the award-winning forum for readers and authors.  For the next two weeks, June 12th through June 25th, I'll be you...
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Tue Cent Twosday – New Age Foo Foo

2016-05-17 ACN Pic 1
I admit it. I read all sorts of stuff. Good stuff. Bad stuff. Stuff that defies description, but after you read it and someone asks you what you read, you’re all, “Um, stuff.” When I was about fifteen, I got very curious in the nature of the soul and the existence of God. I blame this, appropriately enough, on my parents. (Isn’t everything their fault?) More specifically, it’s my dad. See, ...
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Luck O’ The Irish! Enter To Win $100 Gift Card and Other Prizes. Plus, Blog Posts from Noony!

2016-03-12 Party Pic
It's that time o' the year, me dears!  The St. Patrick's Day Party at The Romance Studio!  You can enter to win a $100 USD gift card from the online retailer Amazon, books from Noon & Wilder and other fabulous authors, and read excerpts, recipes, stories and more!  Won't you join us? Here's the links to my posts, so it's easy to find.  Won't you stop by and comment?  You'll be glad you ...
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Wandering Around the Web – Two for Thursday

  Join me at the Torquere Press LiveJournal for a Field Trip to the Field Museum! It's one of my favorite museums, and it's open free during February to Illinois residents!  Some writer buds and I went last weekend and I have the pictures to prove it! :)  Join me! Join me on LinkedIn for a discussion about Triberr and some ways to use it. Triberr is an effective tool to boost your...
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A Writer In Her Library

2016-01-07 ACN Pic 1
When I teach, students often ask me for books that I recommend.  I like Debra Dixon's GMC: Goal Motivation & Conflict; The Building Blocks of Good Fiction.  Debra breaks down how good stories work and why, and helps us create compelling characters that will drive our story forward. Her grids are helpful for evaluating our own stories and making them stronger.  I particularly like how she us...
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Magic Monday – Fun with Prompts

2016-01-04 ACN Pic 2
So, it's like this.  I was noodling ideas for my Monday blog posts, and came up with an idea to share some of the goofy results from Prompt Circles over the past several years.  Today's is about ... well, you'll see in a moment.  I entered "funny pictures dog bathtub" into Google, thinking I'd find something funny. THIS poor sod is one of the first pictures that popped up and I think I pull...
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