Walking In This World – Flora and Fauna or, Snow, Ice, and Yuck

Julia Cameron talks about a lovely idea in her book, The Artist's Way, about "flora and fauna reports" that she would get as letters from her grandmother.  They were remarkable for two reasons: first, they came so frequently and for such a long duration; second, because they were so in-the-moment as to be Zen koans. Today, I needed that idea.  The alarm went off at 0500 and I did not want t...
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Walking In This World

Red Rock Canyon, Nevada©2015 A. Catherine Noon I love the title of Julia Cameron's second book in her acclaimed Artist's Way trilogy, Walking In This World.  When I first did the material in the book, I mis-read the title as Walking In The World, a telling distinction.  I don't easily inhabit my body or this plane, having evolved a very deep intellectual capacity as a way of av...
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