My Thursday Thirteen…

13 Hobbies That Sound Fun
1 – Writing novels
2 – Swimming
3 – Belly dancing
4 – Knitting a sweater
5 – Knitting beaded jewelry
6 – Ceramic sculpture
7 – Pysanky (Ukrainian decorated eggs)
8 – Hammered dulcimer
9 – Scuba diving
10 – Horseback riding
11 – Silver art clay
12 – Make a Japanese paper lantern
13 – Woodworking

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3 thoughts on “Thursday 13 – 135th Edition

  1. Gwenefhar says:


    I agree. I would like to do all of those, someday. There’s just not enough time!!!

  2. Yeah – those all sound fun and very interesting. Blog looks great, btw! 🙂

  3. ~Liz~ says:

    I’m nowhere near ambitious enough to even think about half of those! But it’s fun to dream!

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