March FADness: Story 03/08/2008: Drabble; “Poker” (100 Words)


“Full house.”



“I’m out. My wife’s gonna kill me as it is.”

“Who’s in?”


“Yeah, me too.”


“You’re grinning. What’s got you so happy?”

“He’s winning, isn’t he?”

“Yeah. Good point.”


“What’s your game?”

“Five card stud.”

“Yeah. I’m the stud.”

“Your wife tell you that?”

“No. Yours did.”


“This goddamn game is gonna get me in the shit with my wife for sure.”

“That’s just cuz you keep losing!”

“Laugh it up. I don’t see you win either. Just the new guy.”

“Hey, what did you say your name was again?”

“Mr. Faust.”

4 Replies to “March FADness: Story 03/08/2008: Drabble; “Poker” (100 Words)”

  1. I love things like this with no tags, and yet you get a feel for the characters. Great job, and it shows real versatility. And it sounded very natural and real. Like listening to a tape recording of a poker game. =)

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