Thursday 13 – 136th Edition

My Thursday Thirteen…

13 Websites I Can’t Live Without

1 – Google Toolbar
A search box for your web browser. I use this so often, it’s strange if I sit down at a computer that doesn’t have one!

2 – Arts and Letters Daily
This is my home page. It’s a moderated survey of articles and books of interest from all over the web. Frequently informative, sometimes startling, there’s always something useful. The extra features, like advanced research and diversions, are also quite helpful.

3 – Fedex
Okay, so it’s not very glamorous. But we ship all our client materials at work from here, so I’d be sunk without their website.

4 – United States Postal Service’s Zip Code Lookup
I use this a lot. Someone can give me an address without a zip code, and I can find the way to mail them a letter. I use it to keep my rolodex up to date and add the plus fours to all my zip codes (which makes mailing more accurate).

5 – The Writer’s Retreat
This is my writing group. We are goofy, tight-knit, and prolific. We also like chocolate.

6 – Google’s Blogger
I really like Blogger. It’s simple, easy to use, and has a lot of cool features that you can learn to use as you go.

7 – My Blog

8 – Sourdre de Sang
The archive where stories I’ve written are published, along with some other really fine works.

9 – Flickr
A photo sharing site. I like it because it’s easy to use and because I can post pictures of mine on other locations without revealing my account information, which makes publishing with graphics a whole lot easier.

10 – RefDesk
One of the best sites on the web. They offer a free daily quote email and free daily website email. A one-stop-shop for all sorts of research needs.

11 – Word Reference
I use this when researching Spanish and French when I’m writing. While it won’t teach you the language, it’s good for a memory jogger (although I’m not sure how helpful it would be if you don’t speak a little of the language already).

12 – Yahoo Finance
Yeah, okay. Kind of dull. But I work in the field and find it an enormously helpful site.

13 – Knitty
This site is awesome! (As long as you’re into knitting, anyway.) They have all sorts of yummy things to explore and get lost in.

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  1. I love the fact that the knitting projects are yummy, and I know exactly how you feel, because that’s how I feel about papercrafting sights! 😉

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