Pysanky Day Continued…

Figure 4: This is from Ukrainian Design Book 2, Egg 14. This is after the first dye bath, yellow. As you can see, the color is not very brilliant, which means I need to remix it.

Figure 5: Another view of the egg. The eggs are very wet after the dye bath. We use paper towels to blot the eggs and then let them air dry before adding more wax.

Figure 6: Another view of the egg with wax covering the first section of design. The red egg on the left is a finished egg. Three kistki are behind the yellow egg along with the beeswax.

Figure 7: This is from Ukrainian Design Book 1, Egg 1. It’s finished with the last dye bath, wax still in place. (I’ll show it once I take the wax off, but I’ll do that another day.)

Figure 8: Side view of egg. The yellow part is beeswax, as is the black. The blackened was is from the carbon from being melted. If you use an electric kistka, shaded wax is available since it won’t have the carbon.

Figure 9: This is Egg 2, Design Book 1. The design calls for purple, which I didn’t have made up, so I used Scarlet in the prior dye bath and then Royal Blue. When I took the egg out, it didn’t really blend with the Scarlet and now has dots of color, both Scarlet and Blue.
Figure 10: Side view of egg. The knitted balls in the background are for decorating a tree.
Figure 11: Design Book 1, Egg 3. This is the first dye bath, yellow, but as you can see from the picture the dye is very pale. I have a Gold dye as well that I may experiment with instead of the yellow.
Figure 12: Top view of egg. This is just the first dye bath. I’ll add more at the next time we decorate.
Figure 13: This is all of the eggs we decorated. Of the four yellow eggs, three of them are the Design 14 that we did together. The black, blue, and yellow are the ones from Design Book 1.

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  1. Wow! You are an eggtartist. I especially love all of the decorated eggs in the carton.

    So clever. So clever.

    Except, too bad about the panic button and the two flights of escalator stairs.

    Giggle, guffaw.

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