March Madness – A Flash a Day Prompts

Summation: I did it! My March FADs are done. Please see the list below for the prompts, and click the links for the associated story. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did writing them!

The low-down: “The stories must be previously unposted, written during the month of March, and they must be under 1000 words.” For more info., go here: March FADness.

March 31st: Deja Vu All Over Again: It’s the last day of the challenge and I hope you’ve had as much fun as I have. Your challenge is to comb through the previous days and choose one to repeat.

March 30th: I’ve got rhythm. Music! It’s such a part of our artistic lives. How could we not write about it? Your story should center around music.

March 29th: It’s not easy being green: Your story should revolve around the color green.

March 28th: MIA. Missing in Action: I know I put that prompt around here somewhere. Oh yeah! Your prompt today is missing someone or something.

March 27th: Worth a Thousand Words: A picture is worth a thousand words. So your prompt is to look to these images and choose one as your inspiration.

March 26th: Click Clack Moo. Typing about cows. Yes, cows. Or horses, cows, dogs, goats, chickens, donkeys, hamsters, lemurs, or any other critter that takes your fancy. It’s time to look to the animal kingdom for inspiration. If it worked for Gary Larsen, it can work for you. (Psst-before anyone asks, Click, Clack, Moo is a popular children’s book and Gary Larsen is the guy who drew the Far Side cartoons. Just so’s you don’t have to Google it.)

March 25th: The Postman Always Rings Twice: And at chez soccer, it usually means rejections. But for your character, it can mean anything you want. Your prompt today: An unusual letter.

March 24th: Back to the Beginning: Today, write a flash using one of the starting lines provided by The First Line:
1. Nick had considered himself a lucky guy, until now.
2. Roy owned the only drive-thru funeral business in Maine.
3. While not the intended effect, the outcome was surprisingly satisfying.

March 23rd: Beauty is Truth And Truth is Beauty. Your prompt is to write about something beautiful. Happy Easter.

March 22nd: Mine, Mine, MINE! It’s all mine! Mwahahahahaha! Your prompt today is about ill-gotten gains–specifically, an undeserved inheritance.

March 21st: The Deadzone: Your MC is dead. Oh noes!

March 20th: The Judas Kiss: It’s Maundy Thursday, the date on the Christian calendar which commemorates the Last Supper, so your topic is betrayal. Honestly, is there a juicier prompt out there?

March 19th: You Go, Girl: Write a story in second-person present tense.You are whining. You wring your hands. “How am I supposed to do this,” you say. “This is hard.” You sit at the keyboard and begin to type…

March 18th: Waiting for the World to Change. Waiting. Sucks right? I’m a terrible at waiting. I fidget and squirm. How about your Main Character? That’s your prompt for the day. Waiting.

March 17th: A Toast for Me Friends! Bars, pubs, taverns–[they] can think of no better location for a wee story on St. Paddy’s day. So pour yourself a pint and pull up stool. Write one for the road.

March 16th: Mysterious Spring: Your prompt is about finding an unexpected body of water. What does your discovery mean?

March 15th: It’s a fight on the home front. Is it the cold war or a fire fight? Literal or figurative?

March 14th: Space, the Final Frontier: It’s silly Friday and that means a silly prompt. Ever wanted to write an itty bitty space opera? It’s time to contemplate the cosmos. Bring on the aliens and zip around the galaxy with Interplanet Janet!

March 13th: Where’d everybody go? Good question. Actually, your mission today–should you choose to accept it–is to write a story without people. You can include anything else that strikes your fancy: animals, aliens, trolls, snow, car, rings. But no people.

March 12th: Isn’t it Romantic? No? Well it should be. Time to luv it up. It can be spicy erotica or a sweet dalliance. Maybe just unrequited and pure love that burns in your Main Character’s heart.

March 11th: Gambler’s Choice: It’s double or nothing. Since [they]’ve had technical difficulties, this topic is late, so you get a bonus–double the topics. Your choice.

  • Choice One: Technical Difficulties! There’s a ghost in the machine. Houston, we have a problem. Uh oh. Something just went clunk. Now what?
  • Choice Two: Curious Contraptions! It’s time to unleash your inner steam-punk and get creative. This story should center around an unusual machine.
  • Powerball: If you want to double down, combine the two and let your bizarre machinery go on the fritz.

March 10th: Thanks for the Memories: Memory is a tricky thing. Instead of being an accurate recording of our past, it becomes hazy blend of fact and fiction. Your prompt today: Memory.

March 9th: Literary Genius: Time to unleash your inner geek and write fanfic–but not just any fanfic. Shakespearean fanfic. Take the Bard and give him your own twist. If Shakespeare doesn’t inspire you, write fanfic based on something you have previously written.

March 8th: DAD: No, I don’t mean the guy sitting on the couch watching ESPN. I mean Drabble A Day. What’s drabble? A story of exactly 100 words. 99 words is not drabble. 101 words is not drabble. Exactly 100 words.

March 7th: Creature Feature: Vampires? Wyverns? Swamp things? Goblins? Your own invention? Time to go mad scientist and get creative.

March 6th: C’mon, Baby! Let’s Do the Twist: It’s a staple of flash fiction, the twist ending. Time to practice your gotcha. Can you sneak up me?

Note: March 1st through the 5th ended up being a connected story about Fenton and Kilasha; please start with March 1 and move forward through the 5th.

March 5th: A Dish Served Cold: Revenge is the order of the day, whether your MC is on the serving or receiving end, it’s time to get even.

March 4th: Destination Unknown: Sometimes it isn’t the destination that’s important. Sometimes it is the journey. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write about a journey.

March 3rd: Feed Your Soul: And also your face. It’s time to Unleash your inner chef and get culinary. Your topic today is: Food.

March 2nd: It was a dark and stormy night: The thunder rolls and the lightening crashes. A storm is brewing. Write about the weather.

March 1st: Fear of Flying? Strap in, Amelia Earhart and take to the skies. Be ye dragon or machine, this is one for the clouds. Your topic is flying.

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