Thursday 13 – 145rd Edition: 05/15/2008

13 Things I’m Glad Are Over

Sometimes, it’s good to reflect on what we don’t have to deal with anymore. Accordingly, to get your mind working in that vein, here’s my list of things I’m glad I don’t have to deal with:

1. Puberty.

2. High School – GAH!

3. Stomach flu. (Need I say more?)

4. The Black Plague.

5. World War I

6. World War II

7. All the awful relationships I’ve had.

8. The 70’s Disco.

9. Big Hair Bands.

10. DDT.

11. My horrible job at that place.

12. Growing Up. (Wait. Is that ever really over?)

13. My knee surgery.

Happy TT!

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3 Replies to “Thursday 13 – 145rd Edition: 05/15/2008”

  1. YOU had a knee surgery? (I’ve had 3. What was your’s for? Anything about knees intrigues me.

    And oh! Noony! You no like-ie 70’s Disco? (Wah. Me love. Shake your groove thang, shake your groove thing, yeah, yeah.)

    Puberty was dangerously exciting. At least for me.

    Don’t friggen tell anyone.

  2. Oh yeah! I’m relieved those things are in the past as well. I haven’t had knee surgery, or the Black Plague, or lived through world wars…but I have survived awful relationships, 70’s disco and big hair,no big hair bands for me – ha ha! Ah, but I am still growing up 🙂

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