I’ve been tagged!! Kathleen Oxley, at Kathleen Oxley Erotica, is doing a phone tag game called “Whisper.” The rules are:

1. Make a change in the paragraph below. It can be as little as a single word or almost every word, so long as we can still recognize the paragraph you received (the one here in this blog, not the original on Kathleen’s blog).

Here’s my paragraph:

Roberto opened the Porsche’s door, the muscles on his forearm rippling under the skin. His short sleeved t-shirt was some kind of silk or rayon that outlined his chest, the twin mounds of his pectorals punctuated by the nipples just under the fabric. Laura didn’t see the lily right away, he held it down by his right leg between his body and the car. She watched the blossom as he raised it to his nose to inhale. As the flower came even with his face, his eyes snared her – startlingly sapphire in a brown face, heritage from his German mother. He said nothing, but took her hand, his own fingers warm and pulsing with life. He placed the thick stem of the flower against her palm and raised her knuckles to his lips. His mouth brushed her skin, silky and hot, and raised every hair on her body. He turned and sat back in the car, his Rottweiler Suzie studying her from the passenger’s seat. The engine flared to life and Laura watched the taillights retreat, the flower pressed to her chest.

2. Tag three people, and link to them. Also link to the person who tagged you so the chain will not be broken!

3. Now go to the original paragraph here and let Alice know you did it. She will link to you.

4. For extra credit, head over to http://aliceaudrey.wordpress.com/ around June 9th for the contest based on this meme. You could win a $20 gift certificate.

I’m tagging Eaton Bennett, Eden Hail, and Tess Miller.

Have fun!!

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