13 Thoughts on the Nature of Time

1. Humans experience time in a linear fashion.

2. Cats can bilocate.

3. The written word provides permanency of thought.

4. Written media propagate ideas across time.

5. Time for humans only goes forward.

6. To slow the relative personal experience of the velocity of time, one must pay attention.

7. Writing helps this process of paying attention, because by its nature writing by longhand is an immediate task. It’s difficult to keep the pen moving while the mind (attention) is elsewhere.

8. Dogs live in the now.

9. The word, written, has power.

10. The word, spoken, is ephemeral but not devoid of power.

11. Control of the written word is hallmark of, but not limited to, dictatorship and totalitarianism.

12. Humans are driven to communicate.

13. The word, written, can only be temporarily blocked but the Flow cannot be stopped.

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One thought on “Thursday 13 – 159th Edition: 08/21/2008

  1. Byz. says:

    Time; inescapable, fast moving, can’t find enough of it…very interesting TT. 🙂

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