Thursday 13 – 160th Edition: 08/28/2008

13 Things I Carry With Me

1. Backpack – To hold stuff. Has a cool laptop case.

2. Lunchbox – Front pocket holds transit cards and stuff.

3. Umbrella – One too many times impersonating a drowned rat.

4. Cell phone – In case I get stranded somewhere. (Like, say, Minnesota.)

5. Journal – For morning pages, talking to myself, self defense.

6. Extra pens – Never write in blood on the train. It causes talk.

7. USB keys – Jump drives, portable memory cards, whatever they’re called, I love them. Lets me carry my writing with me.

8. Homework – Why they have to make textbooks so bloomin’ heavy, I’ll never know.

9. Extra sanitary napkins – What? I have to spell it out for you?

10. Makeup – I’ve heard guys complain about ladies doing makeup on the train. Two words for you: shut. up.

11. Nail file – Why am I the only one in a four block radius who carries one of these? Srsly!

12. Clive Owen – What? I can dream, can’t I?

13. Food – Bananas, apples, cheese, nuts, yogurt, vegemals, all kinds of things.

Happy TT!

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4 Replies to “Thursday 13 – 160th Edition: 08/28/2008”

  1. With all that stuff, it’s a wonder you need to go home at all, except to refill it!
    But seriously, my purse holds most but not all of those things. I stock Russell Crowe instead of Clive Owen, but I’d be willing to swap if you’d like a change of pace. 🙂
    You always manage to take a ‘mundane’ topic and make it interesting!

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