Thursday 13 – 169th Edition: 10/30/2008

13 Random Thoughts on the Train

1. The sun is really bright today. The sky is a blue field, no clouds visible as the train snakes its way toward downtown. There’s something about the air when it’s cold, even mores in the dead of winter – the air is so clear because it holds no moisture, it’s too cold to, so the light just fills your eyes.

2. Daylight Savings ends this weekend, yet another of Bush’s idiocies – I hope the new President will end that farce. The equipment manufacturers, even for new equipment purchased since he’s been in office, do not hold to the new change and I wonder if that’s because they don’t like it either, and know it will be eradicated like Akhenaton’s brief flirtation with monotheism.

3. The Noble Horse Theater is on my train ride in ever morning, and I want to go to the Nutcracker on Horseback this year. I mean, how do they get the horses to dance? Dressage is like ballet on a horse, and I’d love to see it.

4. Cabrini Green is nearly gone, a legacy to the failed experiment of public housing that Chicago, like so many other cities of its size, tried. It’s sad, the remaining buildings with their boarded up windows stand like elderly soldiers, the passage of years in their empty eyes while the world around them forgets why they exist. When the last one falls, will anyone be there to mark its passing, besides the wrecking crews?

5. Gas prices have fallen, but I hope too late to save this Republican presidency. I don’t understand my country anymore. The America I thought I lived in appears damaged beyond repair, though Obama offers hope. What balls it takes to write a book entitled The Audacity of Hope. It’s vindicating to have someone of his station write such a title, because hope is such an underrated commodity. I’ve spent my life teased for being an optimist, hopeful, cheerful, etc; to have the possible Commander in Chief echo my feeling is vindicating.

6. Samhain is here, at last. What year it has been. Not “bad,” precisely, but I won’t mind seeing it go. In fact, I would rather push it on its way.

7. Stuff always takes longer to do than I give it credit for. Which is frustrating, you know?

8. Breathing is underrated. I am forever reminding myself to take a deep breath. Of course, this backfired one day in the elevator, when another building occupant looked at me and said, “That’s a Monday sigh if ever I’ve heard one.” In spite of myself, I couldn’t find it in me to contradict him.

9. Artist dates are hard.

10. Halloween candy is enticing and way too fattening to indulge in. I’m proud of myself though, I’ve walked by that stupid basket all week and not indulged once. (Ever seen the cartoon Tazmanian Devil? Yeah. Me at the candy dish. Not a pretty sight.)

11. It gets dark fast when winter’s coming. It’s startling to look up from my desk and see the windows completely black, with offices across the way lit back at me.

12. I’m excited to see the new exhibit at the Art Institute on tapestries. Go here, look!, click on “museum.”

13. I like Sting’s music. He’s a tremendously talented musician and composer.

Happy TT!

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