I inherited a new old tool from my mother’s estate called a Weave-It. I spent a large portion of today playing with it.

Before I show you my work, check out this website for how the experts do it:


Okay. Here is the first swatch I did. I couldn’t get the edges to lock, so it’s not stable; but I like the look. It’s Lion Brand Homespun in a colorway I don’t recall from a couple years ago. The weaving came out a lot flatter than the knitted version looks.

This next one is done on the smaller loom, 2×2. I had the same problem with the edgings.

So after looking at the website, I realized I wasn’t catching the edge threads properly. It does come with an instruction book, but I have a very difficult time going from 2-D to 3-D, and that really was the case here. The website was extremely helpful, and I was able to do this:

So I got out some scrap cotton yarn and…

it broke.


Moral of that story, use better yarn. I was only an inch from the end!

Not even an inch! But my tension was REALLY tight, which is something the instructions tell you to watch out for – and boy, they ain’t kiddin!

But I had fun. I think if I got faster, I’d be tempted to play more, but if today is any indication, it’s slow going. I’m much faster knitting (which, to be fair, I am no novice at), and even crochet (which, to be fair, I’m quite the novice at).

Happy crafting!

3 Replies to “Weave-It!”

  1. You can call me Rus, that’s no trouble at all.

    Yes, I think I may do more. I may make a scarf or a blanket, we’ll see. It’s really a factor of whether I get tired of it and whether I get faster at it. I have an hour one-way commute twice a day, so it gives me time to fiddle with portable handcrafts.

    One of the sites I saw had broches they made with it. It’s interesting. I’ve always been fascinated by weaving; maybe this is a good inexpensive way to give it a try.

  2. Oh wowzers! THat does look like fun. And I think its a pretty common problem, ya know-that whole 2D to 3D thing. I rarely can manage that one myself. But you DID IT! And I’m verra proud *grin*

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