Fingerless Gloves

I came across a wonderful pattern for fingerless gloves in a book by Melanie Falick, Weekend Knitting. Here it is from her website with some images you can browse:

I used some bulky wool from Knitpicks, in a lovely dusky rose color. I got them from a class I took a couple years ago, so these gloves are a good thing to use when you have stash and no project.

My hands are larger than the model, though, so I cast on 30. The first one I knit I used the directions for the thumb and didn’t check before I bound off; it turns out to be too tight. I apparently have really muscular hands. (We won’t say fat, will we?) The other one I used six stitches and it fits just fine.

This first shot is of the gloves flat on the table. They’re not very attractive this way, surprisingly, though you can see the garter rib stitch very well.

For this second shot, I used one hand with the camera and wore the glove on my right hand, which is coincidentally the glove where I modified the thumb.

I really like the purl bind off. It’s simple but pretty and makes a nice line of stitches that match the cast on. I will definitely be making these again. If I make them longer, to go up to the elbow, I’ll need to modify them to fit over the muscles in my forearm (here is where your gauge swatch will come in handy). (Shush. Of COURSE you gauge swatch.)

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