Happy birthday to meeeee! (Actually, my birthday is May 8th, but still…) I received some money for a gift and took myself to get a Bucilla needlepoint kit. I didn’t realize this, but Bucilla is now owned by Plaid Online, a collection of a number of handicraft providers.

I selected “Oriental Crane,” a lovely pattern of painted canvass needlepoint. It comes with crewel wool, floss, metallic thread and beads. I’m looking forward to working on it. I haven’t completed it (I’ve only just started separating the yarns), but I’m enjoying the colors.

The only complaint I have is the instructions are awful. They are written in about six different languages and it appears that in trying to solve the problem of being an international company, they’ve missed the mark. While there are six languages, the actual instructions are so skimpy that if I weren’t an experienced needle worker I would be lost. For example, if I handed the kit to my husband, who is good at needlepoint but not very experienced, he wouldn’t know how to complete the kit. It’s a shame.

I’ll post more in-process pictures once I have something interesting to look at, but here’s the design so you can at least see what I’m doing.

I’m thinking I might frame it and hang it on my wall at my office. We’ll see.

4 thoughts on “Birthday Project

  1. Tilia says:

    So pretty. Pity for the bad instructions. I’d be lost.

  2. Evey Brown says:

    What a beautiful project. Is it going any better for you since that rough start? E

  3. Actually, yes. I need to post pictures. I loaded it into my table frame and have about half of the first half done (so, I guess that means a quarter, eh?). It’s looking really good – I love the reds in the background. They really make it ‘pop.’

  4. ~mj~ says:

    Pssst! *waves* Hey Russ!

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