So, what do you call a writer in business school?


Srsly. I decided to get my MBA in Finance at long last. I attend Argosy University and am loving it. My favorite instructor is Dr. Peter Sigiols, who isn’t content with a Juris Doctorate but is now getting a DBA, or Doctorate in Business Administration.

He’s crazy too.

What I’ve learned, other than why a weak dollar is good for trade, is that it’s tough to write and study and work and sleep and have a life.

I’ve also learned that in order to write, one simply has to write.

Sounds simple, but it’s hard to do.

Notice, I did not say “have time to write” or “wait for inspiration.” Those things are luxuries we cannot afford. Too many writers have unwritten projects because they’re waiting for the time or the inspiration to work on them. The only way they get written is to, well, write them.

So. What do you call a writer in business school?

A writer in business school.


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