This is actually kind of fun! I write and I write and then I get to post my word count! Zoom!

I’ve learned something about the writing process in the process, too. Yes, that’s process in the same sentence twice. ~shrug~ That’s what editing is for, right? Ah, grasshoppa, you just stumbled on something there…

See, I’ve found that the internal editor isn’t really my friend. I mean, sure, it helps me fix things once I’ve written them, but it does a piss-poor job of actually WRITING itself. In fact, you know what? The editor doesn’t write a lick of sense! It doesn’t even write a lick of nonsense! (Maybe if it did, it would be more prolific…) But as I work to accumulate word count, I have to get around the urge to perfect as I write and just be willing to tell the story.

Which, I suppose, is like any writing.

But I’m continually amazed, and this is my fourth day at it, that I make my word count so fast. When I actually write, I write … well, I write a lot more than when I don’t write, that’s for sure!

So, friends, I hope my disconnected post-NaNo-daily-post babble makes some sense, because the important part is this:

Just write.

It’s a helluva lot harder to edit it, if ya ain’t written it first!

Take THAT, editor!

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