So, I’ve been writing.

A lot.

No, really. A LOT. For some reason, I decided NOT to discontinue my MBA work, OR the other two novellas I’m writing while doing NaNoWriMo. So my daily word count is really about triple the NaNo count. But I’ve learned something in the process, and it’s about the tools.

Yeah, the tools. What tools, you ask? Well, read on, MacDuff, an’ I’ll learn yeh!

I sat down this morning to do my morning pages and realized I didn’t do them yesterday. (I am, on occasion, inclined to ignore my own advice.) (No, YOU don’t get to ignore my own advice, I’m just special. So there. ~sticks out tongue~)

Well, actually, let me back up. I sat down with my AlphaSmart to write some more on my current WIP. No, the other one. In the process, I kept finding myself noting things that I usually put in my morning pages. Like stuff about my day, the bus, the weird lady in the corner talking to a cell phone without a cell phone, stuff it’s really better NOT to write about pre-coffee but that’s what the rules say – morning pages are first thing in the morning, every day, and twice on Sunday.

So, as I’m trying to type, I realized something.

Julia Cameron is right, again.

Darn it all, I really get tired of that.

So I’ll say it again, for myself if no one else is listening: morning pages should be done every day, particularly during periods of heavy creative production. We need the rest they provide. And if you don’t believe me, just try sitting next to me on the bus one morning before I’ve had my coffee and talk on your nonexistent cell phone.

I might even invent a new word for you.


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