Thursday 13 – December 3, 2009: I’m Exhausted

I am exhausted. Tapped out well and truly. I only have three more days before I’m done with grad school. Yes, I’ll have my MBA. What does that mean? It means my TT this week is a little… well, you can define it yourselves. Take a look:

1. Chocolate is good food. (Yes, I’ve said this before. I’ve earned the right to repeat myself, dammit!)

2. Coffee is yummy.

3. One of my favorite drinks I got from Ms. Jeanne Rose, the Grande Damme of all things Herbal and Aromatherapeutic. (If you have any interest in either topic, she’s written over forty books and is an incredible and wise lady. Check her out, here. The drink is called the Cosmic Caffeinator and the recipe is copyrighted, so I can’t post it in its entirety, but it’s coffee, tea and hot cocoa and when these alchemize, the world stops and the angels sing. I don’t know if angels exist, but when I drink this stuff, I don’t care. They sing.

4. How many angels can dance on the… Nevermind.

5. It’s sort of anticlimactic to work this hard for twenty months and have my MBA coursework over tomorrow. It’s becoming more real to me, except I have two more final papers to write and class to attend tomorrow night. I just want it to be over! I’ve got A’s in all my classes (well, two have A minuses, but I think that still counts) and I’ve worked my everlovin’ ass off, but I don’t want to celebrate. I want to sleep!

6. We’re going to celebrate in January. My friend is throwing a party for me and says I should invite “everybody.” Everybody, I says? “Everybody.” O.o…

7. I know a lot more people than I thought I did!

8. I finished NaNoWriMo last month. It feels anticlimactic too. It was weird. I looked at my manuscript yesterday and was pretty damned impressed, if I say so myself. Fifty-two thousand words and some change. Holy cow. I wrote an original novel! I’ve done it in fan fiction, but that’s kind of the ugly step-child of “real” writing. This baby is the real thing!

9. I’m dreading editing that puppy. I think the final manuscript length will be around 80,000 to 100,000 when I add in the parts I need and take out the stuff I don’t. But it’s really becoming real to me, which is a bizarre experience.

10. I can never spell bizarre. You’d think, after twenty years or more of writing as an adult, and lots of writing before that as a … (Wow, that was a weird sentence. Let’s just do the Elmer Fudd and say, “a long time.”) You’d think I’d get it right! Thank God for spell check. It’s got 2 r’s. It’s SUPPOSED to have 2 a’s. Why? Cuz I said so.

11. Who came up with this spelling crap, anyway? I think Webster ought to be in some weird Purgatory place designed by Dante Alighieri with like a four-headed dog and a woman who nurses monsters with her thumb, or something.

12. I really shouldn’t write lists when I’m tired. God knows what’s gonna come off the keyboard.

13. I need more coffee. Thank God this list is over! Now, if I can just be done with my classes!

Happy holidays!

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  1. I’m so whacked that I forgot it was Thursday and only just now posted about my haunted cupboard that sings Christmas Carols and more.

    I have a bunch of words like bizarre. I thought I was a descent speller until spell check proved me wrong.

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