Thursday 13 for January 14th!

Thirteen Places I Want to Visit

I love to travel, but in the last couple years have been limited by graduate school and the fact my stepson is in private school that we pay for. I’ve gotten away from grandiose travel plans in favor of staycations, but I thought I’d ruminate on where I’d like to go – both ‘if money were no object’ but also in the sense of, you can’t go anywhere if you don’t know where you want to go…

1. Las Vegas! I used to live there, actually, back in the dark ages. You think I’m kidding, perhaps, but it was a very dark time for me. I’m not really the ‘Vegas’ type, if there is such a type. I found it lonely and devoid of intellectual culture (which probably makes me a snob, but so be it). It’s a fun place to visit, and I had a great apartment, but I sure didn’t enjoy living there.

Of course, the natural question is, if you hated it so much, why go back?

Well, it’s a nice place to visit? ~sheepish grin~ Actually, a friend of mind lives there and I’m going to visit her. I’m really excited!

2. Salt Lake City! I’ve only driven through, and a good friend lives there. I want to visit her and her family!

3. Melbourne, Australia! Same reason!

4. Alabamalama… Sensing a theme here, aren’t you?

5. Antarctica! Ha! No, seriously, I do want to go there. Don’t know anyone there, just want to see the place. It’s got me curious!

6. England. I have friends in London, Manchester, and Scotland (yes, I know Scotland isn’t in England, but she’s English and I don’t know if she’ll BE in Scotland when I get there, so…)… You’re right, that didn’t make sense. Let’s just say England, Ireland, Scotland, and leave it at that.

7. Toronto, Canada. I have a friend there I want to visit, and it’s an amazing place! I’ve done a lot of research and really want to explore it!

8. Madison, Wisconsin. One of my novels is set there, and I’d like to go back for more research. Besides; it’s a beautiful town!

9. Chicago. Oh, wait. I live here.

10. I’d like to visit Europe, all over the place. I can’t do that in only one visit, so… I guess I’ll just spend my life exploring it!

11. St. Petersburg, Russia. I want to see Tsarskoe Selo and the Hermitage, walk the canals, and shake my fist at the statue of Peter the Great… o.O

12. Kiev. It’s the seat of Slavic culture on earth and I wanna go!

13. China. Big place, I know, but I’d love to toodle around the whole thing. The south farm country is gorgeous, and I’d love to see Beijing, Shanghai… I even want to visit Hong Kong.

I ran out of TT, but there’s more places I wanna go! ~jumps up and down~

Happy TT!

10 Replies to “Thursday 13 for January 14th!”

  1. All those places sound really good…Australia is of course very high on the tourist profile. :))

    aaaaaaand Utah, Illinois, Texas, all of Europe, Morocco. These are just off the top of my head places. Great list, Noony!

  2. I’m terrible about planning for major vacations. I always want one where I just stay home and don’t plan anything, but I have to get better about making sure I actually go somewhere, even if it’s just the OR coast, for one of them. Great reminder!

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