Thursday 13, February 4, 2010: Bootcamp

A lot of people I talk to feel that 2010 is the year to get shit done, myself included. (Not that I talk to myself.) (Nevermind, forget I said that.) ANYWAY…

So, with the “Get Shit Done” theme in mind, here are 13 suggestions from the bossy to the downright drill sergeant. I channeled my inner domme people, so be warned… LET’S GIT OFF OUR ASSES! To quote Larry the Cable Guy, GIT R DONE!

1. Go away, stop reading this, and write for 30 minutes by hand on a clean piece of paper or notebook. Then come back and read #2.

2. Get up, put shoes and socks on (and clothes, yeh slob!) and go walk around the block for 30 minutes. Yes, it’s cold. No, you won’t die of ice poisoning.

3. You still paying rent at the gym? You’re not subsidizing their employment. Go look up the exercise class schedule and schedule one – ONE – class this week. Tell me in the comments which one you pick, when it is, and then come back and tell me you did it.

4. What is the title of your WIP (work in progress)? Your original work, not any derivative works. Go away, set the timer for 15 minutes, and write on it. If you can’t figure out what to do next in the plot, then interview your main character. Tell me in the comments how it went – and if you want, share the interview.

5. Check out Julia Cameron’s website. Consider this year might be the year to try it. If so, let me know in comments; I’m forming new Clusters for late Feb or early March if you’re interested.

6. My focus for 2010 is “Body, Mind, Spirit, Space.” My mantra is “Get my shit together.” As part of Body, I’ve been working out and making different choices about food. I am not paying attention to the weight, because the number started upsetting me since it wouldn’t move quickly. Accordingly, what I’m focusing on is stuff I can control – like movement and food choices. Today I plan to go to the gym at lunch and do some weights for upper body. What is your plan for today, no matter how small?

7. Don’t underestimate your own knowledge. Repeat after me: “I know what I know.”

8. No, #7 isn’t optional. Go back and do it again.

9. You know what thing you are avoiding admitting you know? It may be a writing-related thing (should write my WIP today), exercise (should go to the gym), food (should buy a vegetable), space (should wash that pile of laundry before it sues for separate maintenance)… Pick one. ONE. (Yes, I said one. Can’t you count?) What small step toward that one can you take before 9:00 P.M. local time today?

10. Tell me what your one thing is for #9.

11. Then do it.

12. Stop. Breathe. No, really. In…two…three… Out…two…three… In…two…three… Out…two…three… Notice the shift in your thinking from the beginning of this list to now. If you are feeling conflicted between panic (Oh shit, I have stuff to do) and resolve (Yeah, yeah, I know what I gotta do), you’re doing it right. Part of getting shit done is the ‘want to.’ But another part is the relaxing and centering. No one can get stuff done when they’re going a million miles an hour in seventeen different directions. Breathe. Deep. Two… Three…

13. JUST DO IT! Pick one thing, any one thing, and do it. You have a lunch break, an evening, maybe even a whole day off today. Today, now, is the only time we own. We don’t own tomorrow, it’s not given to us yet. We don’t own yesterday, it’s gone and won’t return. But now… now is where your power is. Own it. Live it.

Do it.


14 Replies to “Thursday 13, February 4, 2010: Bootcamp”

  1. I saw “Larry the Cable Guy” on Biography last night. He’s almost as inspiring as you! I almost walked yesterday but the cold did turn me off. ~hangs head~ But I wrote instead and did stomach crunches at home! My WIP is “The Lion and The Lamb”. I’ll close myself in my home office after an hour on the Nordictrack studying Japanese. Good start? Thank you, Guru Noony.

  2. Well said lady! My trick to getting stuff done this year is one thing at a time. I’ve proven I crash and burn if I try to change everything all at once. So the top of every month this year, we start something.

  3. My one thing isn’t so much for today, it’s for the whole week. I’ve left work before 6:30 every day this week, and twice I’ve left before 6. I’m still not getting to bed on time, but it has meant that I have at least some energy when I get home. I am going to spend at least 30 minutes on a story tonight, darn it. I really am. Thanks, Noony!

  4. Holy cow, Noony, I can’t leave a comment here cos I’m running on southern hemisphere schedule and, oh yeah, I’m breathing, yup I’m breathing…in out, in out. See I could leave a comment after all. :))

  5. Wow, you are quite the drill sergeant. I did do some writing today, but that walk around the block? The way my neighborhood is laid out, that’s a 2-mile trek along a dangerous stretch of road amde more dangerous this through ice and snow, so I admit it — I don’t get out as much in winter as I should. Which is why I bought a Leslie Sansone walking DVD. I just need to remember to do it…

  6. Alright, went and cleaned the drain in the basement and steam cleaned my front room carpet for #9. Wrote my morning pages for #1, and did #7 and #8 more than a few times. Funny how I can doubt myself at times.
    Still thinking about that class at the gym…Latin dancing or Yoga, can’t decide. Down for Monday afternoon at 4.
    Thanks for the inspiration to get so much done. 🙂

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