Thursday 13 – February 18, 2010

Today is Thursday.

Not very inspired, but working at it. So, 13 pretty things:

1. Emeralds.

2. Puppies.

3. Kittens.

4. Ladies and Gentlemen all dressed up.

5. Water lilies.

6. Great herons congregating (which I’ve only seen once, in Horicon Marsh, Wisconsin).

7. Horicon Marsh, Wisconsin. (~grin~)

8. Mount Shasta, California.

9. My husband. (Aww.) (But srsly.)

10. My stepson. (Aww.) (But srsly.)

11. My paycheck. It helps me pay the rent and afford fun things.

12. Chocolate.

13. Waking up. (Well, maybe not waking up, but the FACT that one is able to wake up is pretty darned awesome.)

11 thoughts on “Thursday 13: February 18th, 13 Pretty Things

  1. Ms Menozzi says:

    Interesting concept, this…

    Especially the waking up part. 😉 Yeah, life is beautiful, even when it’s not.

    And your husband and your stepson are totally worth the “Awww”, I’m sure. 🙂

  2. Very nice! This really warmed my heart. After reading about your sometimes dangerous Outward Bound expedition, I imagine number 13 is very poignant! ~hugs~

  3. Inez Kelley says:

    Simple is nice, sometimes.

  4. Alice Audrey says:

    You brought a smile to my face.

  5. Stephanie says:

    What a great list. I love water lillies. 🙂 Happy Thursday! *Hugs*

  6. Elise Logan says:

    Wonderful list.

    I’m partial to baby animals of all sorts, trees in bloom, and birds. lots of birds.

  7. Ella Drake says:

    These are all beautiful things. I’m partial to rubies instead of emeralds and hot tea. Lovely stuff, tea.

  8. Baby animals are always cute and pretty.

  9. Nikki M says:

    I’m with Alice. This list definitely made me smile. I was watching a glacier show on Nova on PBS the other day and I have to say ice can be really beautiful, too. Thanks, Noony!

  10. I like my paychecks too. *cuddles them*

  11. Heather says:

    My pay check always depresses me, but waterlilies and chocolate…now, those make me smile! Sorry I missed this a couple weeks ago!

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