Camera Bag

So, I sez to my friend, Friend, what kind of a bag would you like? And she sez to me, she sez, Well, I’d like a camera bag.

In camo.

Have I mentioned before that I HATE camo?

I must have mentioned this.

In fact, my friend, she started giggling because we had talked, at length, on just this very topic the day before while hiking. I sez to my friend, Friend, do you have a hat I could borrow for this here desert hiking in the sun? And she sez to me, she sez, sure! Here you go!

It’s camo.

Have I mentioned before that I HATE camo?

So this bag. Well, it’s a camera bag, for a wee little bitty camera of a thing. So I knitted a swatch, and I knitted a sock, and I closed the sock with the three needle bind off, and I picked up the gusset for the lid, and I knitted the lid.

I even did some lace, but you can’t really see. The end is sort of diagonal, which I don’t like much, so I think I’ll do another one. And I want to add a strap. But I finished the bag. Poof!

In camo.

Have I mentioned before that I HATE camo?

It’s quite roomy inside. I showed this picture to my friend, and she said it looks like a little mouth. Which of course makes me want to make a version of the bag with ears and teeth…

This is the inside of the cover. There’s actually a small lace pattern in the triangle that forms the flap, but you can’t see it since the yarn is so dark.

This is with the flap closed. The line of the flap at the point of the triangle is angled down and to the right, which I don’t like; I want it to be square. What I think I’ll do is start the next bag from this point, rather than end here, and then cast on the extra stitches for the body and go from there.

Even with white in the background, you can’t see the lace. It’s a pity, but a good lesson: on dark yarn, use a textural pattern and not lace to see it – or use bigger needles (or block the heck out of it).

This is how it looks when I hold it straight, but I’m still not really happy with the closure. I do want to find a cool wooden button to use for the clasp, and I may make a prototype with a button since it will be used in the field on the fly.

And here is the back in all its glory. I did the top part in a garter rib pattern that actually looks quite nice in this yarn; I may do the whole thing next time in that stitch for added padding against the camera body.

Another thought I have is to do a lining, so that there’s extra padding to protect the camera – I just don’t want the bag to be too bulky. We shall see.

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