Update on Design

My bag is coming along. I’ve finished the main body, and put in a round of purl stitches for a fold. Then the lining is stockinette.

The unit is 12″ wide, 9″ deep, and 0.75″ thick. This view shows the 12″ width. I’ll need to block the outside, the 9″ part, to make sure it fits. I’ll pick up stitches at the top and add an envelope closure, and probably make a button.

This view shows the lining inside the bag. I couldn’t get it down inside deeply because of the needles; while I could slip the stitches off to a string as a holder, I don’t really need to see how it works since I can size it by putting the unit itself inside to ensure it fits.

This shows the ridge of the purl row separating the pattern fabric from the lining. You can even see in this shot how the lining leans away from the body. That will make the lining sit down inside without tacking.

I’ll update soon with more.

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  1. It is a concern, but there are two things that will help. One is that the main pattern stitch is very poufy and has some protection, and it’ll be seconded by another layer of the stockinette. 🙂

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