I’ve been weaving, as I mentioned in my article “Weaving!”  My fourth class was tonight and I’m nearly done!  I’ll need to finish the actual fabric coming off the loom in my next lesson, which will be the first in a series of learning how to use a four harness loom.  But I unwound the fabric today and… my goodness!  It’s really long!

The Cricket is portable!  It fits well inside a Peapod bag, and isn’t very heavy.  It’s a little unwieldy, but I was able to carry it on the train without too much fuss.

This is the fully-dressed loom, with the warp all wrapped around the beam.

I decided to look down inside the bag, just to show how compact this little guy is.  I’m also amazed by how big the Peapod bag is.  ~grin~

I’ll post more later, about the beginning process of the weaving, the yarns I used, and the ending process – with the finished fabric – after I get some sleep.

Happy weaving!

3 thoughts on “Weaving, Woven, Fabric!

  1. Sunshine says:

    That’s cool! about how big is that?

  2. It’s about twelve inches wide, six inches tall, and about twenty inches deep (in the view in these pictures, the “deep” is how tall it’s standing since I have it on its butt).


    It’s small and portable, which is really awesome. It’s also a lot lighter than I was expecting.

  3. I’m glad! I’d probably still manage to bean somebody trying to get it on and off a train. 🙂

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