New World Order, Chapter 14: No More Games, Mr. Balistreri (Belinda)

Chapter 14 is posted today. I’m about a week late, since we want to post every other Monday and that would have been last Monday. But Rachel and I noticed some continuity problems in the chapter, and things just got busy this week.

It’s interesting working on a serial novel. While this chapter was already done, not all of them are, so it’s still fluid until it posts. It’s been fun to work on. As some of you know, we’ve submitted our novel to a publisher, and it takes place in the same universe as New World Order but with different characters. Continuing to work on New World Order, which to us is now the ‘older’ project, keeps us grounded in world building because we have a much clearer idea of where we’re trying to get with it.

We met while Rachel was here earlier this month and discussed the timeline of the different books in this universe. That’s very helpful as well, because we know where we have to get story-wise in order for all the parts to fit together.

In any event, I hope you enjoy!

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