Motif Loff!

Sorry, couldn’t help the alliteration.  🙂  But I took a basic crochet class and learned how to make Granny Squares and basic motifs.  My motif is sort of the large, Frankenstein type of motif where you use huge yard to crochet something that really should be done on a tiny hook with thread.

But it’s my art, I’ll make it big if I want to!

Came out pretty good, if I do say so myself.

This particular motif has, if I recall correctly, seven levels.  You start at the bottom and rotate back and forth up to the picots at the top.  It was actually much less difficult because I used such large yarn; it would be a lot more fussy with small yarn (though pretty).

One Reply to “Motif Loff!”

  1. Pretty good, pretty well. It came out… how it came out would be modifying the verb, so therefore we’d use the adverb, well…

    Hmm. So, came out pretty well.

    But it’s a good motif.


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