Final Day of First Session, June 24th

My final day of class, and I’m hooked.  I will definitely sign up for the four-harness class, and even have purchased my first instructional book:  Learning to Weave, by Deborah Chandler.  It only just arrived today, so I don’t have an update, but I’m excited to feel like a ‘real’ student.

So, on to the last day of my first set of class:
These images show the fabric all the way up to near completion; I also have some images of the fabric off the loom but I’ll save those for another post.

This shows the rest of the greens and the aquas that I used.  At this point, I’m starting to actually run out of warp, which I didn’t think would happen.  I’m disappointed to not have more to test the colors on, actually.

Here is a close-up of the light green.  The little string sticking up is actually woven into the fabric at the sides when you change colors, then clipped at the end of the process.  I started clipping once they wove in, so I didn’t have as much to do when I pulled the fabric off the loom, which is something I’ll continue to do.

Here is the finished product, with the exception of actually coming off the loom.  It shows all the way through the indigo; I didn’t have enough room to work through the purple/violet tones of the spectrum.  You can see how different each of the stripes looks as it progresses through the spectrum on the warp; this is a good exercise in seeing how colors interact in fabric.  They do so quite differently than when knitting.

Here is another view of the same segment of fabric.  In this view, it seems much more plaid-like.  There are some interactions that I didn’t expect to like but really do, including the red and green and the center sections.

You can see a couple things in this image.  One is how many threads there are when you don’t clip as you go – which is why I decided to do so.  The other is how really bright that one band of orange is.  Part of that is because the acrylic fiber is much brighter in tone than the wool, and the strand was a lot looser so when I packed it, it packed very tightly and ended up letting the weft dominate in that segment.

This is the final piece, all wound back on, ready to go back to class to take the fabric off the loom.  I ended with a clear royal blue, since I couldn’t get all the way into the violets.  Not a bad day’s work – well, really, four days’ work!

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