Thursday 13 – September 2, 2010

So, I got some grumpy news from a friend this week. Rather than expose it to the world of the internet, which could give it legs I don’t intend, I figured I’d vent in a general fashion. It’s been a tough couple weeks, and I’ve been kind of off my game.

On the other hand, staying off my game seems silly. So the second half of my list is stuff I’m grateful for. In fact, since half of 13 is 6.5, the greater part of my list (7) will be grateful stuff. That way, I can vent and then focus on the happy.

1. When people say stuff and then don’t follow through. This is sometimes annoying, sometimes unprofessional, but can be hurtful.

2. Lack of communication. If you do something that doesn’t include someone it should have, don’t let them find out through Facebook. That’s like finding out at recess.

3. Broken fingernails that break off beneath the quick. Ow.

4. When my dog poops on my carpet. GAH!

5. When the alarm clock goes off in the morning.

6. When I can’t find my hammer to kill the alarm clock with. GRR!

And what am I grateful for?

7. My family.

8. My friends.

9. My pets.

10. My writing community. Y’all are awesome, d00ds!

11. Airplanes. Srsly. I get to go visit mah peeps later this month by plane. I’m very excited!!

12. The telephone. The friends who can’t come are going to call in later this month. I’m so excited!

13. Forum software. It lets me stay in communication with people all over the globe, and maintain friendships that otherwise wouldn’t happen.

Thank you!

Happy TT!

9 Replies to “Thursday 13 – September 2, 2010”

  1. Leave it to you to find so much positive even when disappointed by something. Yay! You’re an inspiration, my friend. Oh, and ironically, the word code to post this is something I do sometimes – whining! Isn’t that funny?!

  2. *smiles* I love it when I see people look at the bright side even when everything isn’t going so well, instead of just moping.

    I’ve never seen anyone be grateful for forum SOFTWARE before, but that’s a good one! I’m grateful for it, too. And blogging software.

    *huggles* Hope you feel better, hon.

  3. Number two is a big one. That’s how I found out a niece who lives in the same town I do had married – another niece posted about it on facebook. Gotta love family sometimes!

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