Happy New Year!  It’s 2011!  Wow, amazing.  It feels like it should still be October…  (don’t ask me what YEAR I mean, either; we’ll just assume for the sake of my dignity that I mean 2010 and leave it at that…)

I hope this year brings you great peace and prosperity, and that your craft aspirations become reality.  If you don’t HAVE any craft aspirations, maybe I’ll finally convince you to join the bandwagon and you will decide to pick up a craft or art of some kind and play with it.

I would also like to share with you the recent honor I received.  As readers of Knoontime Knitting know, I started weaving school in 2010 at the Chicago Weaving School.  I was invited by my instructor, Natalie Boyett, to contribute to an online gallery showing of weavers’ works – a true honor, considering I am a very new weaver and relative novice.  My work is featured under my name in the world, as opposed to my pen name, and is reached thusly:

Visit the website Through the Shed.  For you non-weavers out there, that’s a pun:  the ‘shed’ is the opening between the warp threads that one passes a shuttle through; this is the essential weaving operation that creates a woven fabric.  Once there, you click on the ‘through the shed’ graphic.  To see my work, and other students’ work, click on “Works.”  My name is the first in the list, Amanda Clothier.  You’ll be able to see my placemat project that I’ve talked about here on Knoontime Knitting.

I wish all of you a very Happy New Year!  

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