That Good-For-You Food – Yogurt!

Stemming from discussions with some friends, my contribution to Thursday 13 today centers around 13 Things About Yogurt. An unusual topic, perhaps, but an interesting one none-the-less:

1. Yogurt can be made from cow’s milk, goat’s milk, even soy milk. One article I saw said “any mammal milk,” which gave me pause – elephant yogurt? o.O…

2. It’s fermented milk. Commercial yogurts have the fermentation added, but you can make it at home with a commercially-available home yogurt maker.

3. I have a commercially-available home yogurt maker.

4. I’m not brave enough to try it yet…

5. The bacteria that make the yogurt are VERY beneficial to the human digestive tract. By now, most folks have heard about “acidophilus” (which my spellcheck tried to make “audiophiles,” but I digress…), but there are a broad spectrum of bacteria that are useful.

6. When you have any kind of intestinal trauma, from simple stomach flu and food poisoning all the way up to intestinal disease, yogurt can help re-populate the healthy flora in the intestines and ease up on painful symptoms.

7. Yogurt is an excellent facial cleanser.

8. No, that’s not a typo – yes, it is a non sequitur (my spellcheck tried to make THAT ‘squirt’). You can simply take yogurt in your hands (use a spoon, don’t just dip your paws in the container, sheesh!) and spread it on your face with gentle, upward sweeps of your fingers. HINT: let it come up to room temperature first. (Ask me how I know.)

9. It is an excellent cure for yeast infection.

10. No, I have not personally tested that theory. I used to get them a lot (infections) and did a LOT of research. Something about the beneficial bacteria eats the yeast in your system, and so applying it directly on the … um, affected area… is how it works. I just couldn’t do that myself, but my herbal instructor confirmed it is effective. (Couldn’t eat yogurt for months when I found out, as a matter of fact…)

11. Now, I eat yogurt pretty much daily. I have intestinal problems that I won’t bore you with, but the yogurt helps a) soothe my stomach and gut and b) helps keep the good flora well-populated. Cuz a flowery colon is your friend. (Um, forget I wrote that last sentence…)

12. Yogurt impersonates sour cream REALLY well, and if you use the 0% fat yogurt, it’s MUCH fewer calories. I put it in my spicy Indian food (which, happily enough, is actually rather authentic – they put yogurt on it too!), Mexican food, my baked potatoes, in soup, all sorts of stuff. Even put cocoa powder and honey in it! (The yogurt, ya goof, not the Indian food…)

13. If you need a quick dip for fresh broccoli florets, put some mild curry powder and a smidge of garlic salt into half a cup of yogurt and stir really well. YUM! And, 0% fat is your friend!!

Wow. Despite my worries, I actually ran out of 13 before I ran out of list! We might have to do this one again!

Happy TT!

8 Replies to “That Good-For-You Food – Yogurt!”

  1. I like the occasional yogurt, but cannot eat it every day. And making it myself? After the college lab experiment where we had to curdle milk to make cottage cheese? Forgetaboutit.

    Sorry you’ve had a rough week!
    My post

  2. I love yogurt, and am sad that I only recently learned how much of a good replacement it is for sour cream. I too eat it pretty much everyday – in smoothies, certain dishes, mixed with chopped fresh fruit, or just by itself or sprinkled with granola.

  3. Another yoghurt-inspired TT. Well done Miss Noon! I like it, but tend to limit my daily intake of dairy like milk and yoghurt ’cause it makes me kinda phlemy. But it is good!

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