A Poem for Saturday

Have you ever experienced a moment when reading a piece, where it feels that the author somehow wrote it directly for you without even being aware of it? Some call that Kizmat, others synchronicity. Me, I find it startling. Creepy, even. Particularly if it feels like the author has a webcam into my life and writes things that will work for whatever moment I’m feeling the moment I’m reading their words. Julia Cameron does that, a lot.

Poet Sarah Fuhro did it this week. I want to share with you her lovely poem. Enjoy.

It’s Almost Time

It’s almost time,
almost time for the change in light
but almost time for the poor and weak to reach out
their trembling hands to each other and to grasp.

It’s almost time for the kind to smile
and be seen
in all their glory,
for the shift in power.

It’s almost time for the silenced to sing
and for the earth to receive the sweet rain
of justice as it falls on ploughed fields.

It’s almost time to be brave
and to go the next step without knowing how.

It’s almost time for the knowledge of the Moon
to rise in the dark sky and let us know
there is more than one way
to see the road ahead.

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