I’m blogging at Beyond the Veil this month on Classic Television and shows that I loved when I was younger. It was fun digging into my memory and examining what shows I used to like, because they inform what I like now.

Then, over on Samhain Publishing’s blog, I talk about “When In Doubt, Knit“. What kinds of things do you do when you are stalled for ideas, to get yourself going again?

It’s fun to write on group blogs, and I’m pleased to be part of these two. It’s a little awe-inspiring since I’m around authors with a great deal more experience than me. I’m grateful to be included with them.

2 thoughts on “Two New Posts

  1. Offset says:

    Very cool. And I just want to say I love your title banner – the picture is beautiful, how did you make it?

  2. Thank you, offset! I’m pleased that you stopped by to make a comment.

    The picture was made for me by a friend in England some years ago, and I edited it in, of all things, Microsoft Powerpoint to add the text at the bottom right. Since web browsers can only display fonts the viewer’s computer has, I didn’t want folks to not be able to see the font I selected (Papyrus).

    My husband is a professional photographer and we’re working on finding a location locally here to shoot that will represent my online presence; it will be similar to the image I have but local to the area. But I’m pleased you like the image I am using; I really love it.

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