The Daily Round: Renewal

Everyone is busy, these days.  “How are you?”  “Oh, my Gosh!  I’m so busy.  I have…”  The litany seems endless.  Work, kids, money troubles, the economy, politics and voting, reading, writing, blogging, promo…  We certainly do not lack for things with which to fill up our days.

Is this sustainable?

Many religious traditions maintain that there is a day of rest once a week, where even the Creator took it easy.  What a slacker!  Or, maybe, what a smart thing to do…  Renewal is an underrated task, after all.  We don’t “feel” as productive when we focus on it, we prefer to skip lunch and stay late, working around the clock and burning the midnight oil.  That, after all, is what gets the job done.

But what if, this year, we try something different?  What if, once a week, we stop?  Turn off all the geegaws of modern technology, banish the television (or at least commercials – the mute button is a thing of beauty, as is the DVR), and really rest.  Just one day a week.  What might happen then?

Try it, and find out.  After all, what do we have to lose?  Our stress?

What’s so good about all that stress, anyway?

4 Replies to “The Daily Round: Renewal”

  1. It’s sometimes so easy to forget that it’s okay to have “unproductive” time. And it’s even easier to fall into the trap of needing to be busy at home the way we are at work.

    I hope we all take your great advice!

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