Writing Conferences and Business Cards

I am so excited to report that I am three places this week, but two came as a total surprise to me!  I’m exceedingly grateful to the fantastic bestselling author Delilah Devlin for extending us space on her blog.  I wrote some tips for getting the most out of writing conferences.

As a part of that exposure, Louise Rose-Innes of Marketing For Romance Writers asked us if she could cross-post our article!  Wow.  What a week, huh?

Thank you to Delilah and Louise for the exposure.  I hope you’ll stop by their blogs and let them know what you think; both have a lot of great content that I think you’ll like.

Our post on Delilah’s blog is here, and Marketing For Romance Writers is here.

Since it’s May (already??), my Writer Wednesday post is up at the Writer’s Retreat Blog.  I got asked a question about whether or not we should get business cards, and it got me thinking.  My thoughts resulted in an article (see why questions are so important?), here.

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  1. Thank you, beeline! I appreciate you stopping by.

    You might like my craft blog, Knoontime Knitting. I talk a lot about my knitting but also sewing and other crafts. I looked at your blog and thought we might have some things in common.

    Have a wonderful day!


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